Evelyne Genta

Evelyne Genta : her commitment and passion to a legendary artist

Evelyne Genta, citizen of Monaco, is today a diplomat. Previously, she was for many years an outstanding business leader.

From 1983 to 1999, Evelyne and her husband Gerald, the legendary designer of exceptional watches, travelled the world to manage, develop and promote their famous watchmaking brand, “Gerald Genta”. As part of this innovative and international activity, Evelyne Genta managed the company, supervising operations, finance, marketing and sales functions, as well as two factories with 250 employees in Switzerland.

While her husband, often described as the watchmaker of the 20th century, was totally committed to the creation of iconic models, she passionately developed new markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle East with enthusiasm and energy. On the eve of the new century, they decided to sell their company.
Today, Evelyne Genta lives in London and has just founded the Association Gerald Genta Heritage of which the vocation is above all to pay tribute to one of the greatest watchmaking designers and encourage and reward promising young talents.

Her motivation is not only born from love for her late husband; it also comes from her unwavering determination to stoke the fire of his memory and share her passion for his legendary creativity, which generated many masterpieces in luxury watchmaking history. In addition to this, the encouragement and mentorship she wants to bring to designers and pioneers of tomorrow is an integral part of the Association’s raison d’être.

It is in this perspective that she invites watchmaking enthusiasts and lovers of Gerald’s work to join the Association so that his legacy continues to shine, encourage and inspire young promising talents.